Walda & Co Photography started when Tracy began pursuing her passion of art as a way to tell others stories. Her husband Trevor, has had a love and excitement for owning a business and quickly jumped in supporting and learning the ropes. 
Our belief in photography is that all images should capture each individual and tell their story as well as capture emotions. We like candid photos that are not necessarily "posed", but instead an in the moment shot that takes that second of your life and freezes it in time for you to always look back upon. This is the best way for you to look back on your pictures and be flooded with memories and emotions rather than remembering how awkward you felt holding the same pose for multiple pictures. No worries though, we can still get those perfect smiling pictures for your grandma to print out and hang on her fridge to show everyone that stops by and visits.
Our ultimately goal is to make each and every person happy from the moment they contact us, to the moment they receive their pictures edited and ready to download. We love to hear each person's vision and help them accomplish it in the best way. We are more than willing to chat for endless hours over a cup of coffee to ensure that we will be providing you with exactly what you are looking at having in your forever images.
Please hit that contact button so we can chat and  help construct the perfect plan for your wedding day images.
Thank you!
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